LCD Touch Screen NCV Universal Digital Smart Multimeter

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Origin: Mainland China

Operating Temperature: 0 - 40 ℃

Model Number: 28088

Measuring Resistance Range: 9.999-999.9

Measuring Inductance Range: 9999 digits

Measuring Capacitance Range: 9.999-999.9

Is Smart Device: YES

Display Type: Digital display

Dimensions: LCD Touch Screen


DC Voltage: 600.0mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V

DC Current: 999.9mA/10A

Certification: CE

Brand Name: NICEYARD

AC Voltage: 600.0mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V

AC Current: 999.9mA/10A


  • Intelligent Multimeter with Multiple Functions: it can measure AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, continuity and diode test, fire wire detection.

  • Flashlight Function: auxiliary lighting up the working area in the low lit or dark environment

  • NCV Non-contact Voltage Detection: place the NCV sensor closer to the measured cable, and the multimeter can detect whether the voltage is greater than 90ACV. When the AC voltage being detected, the meter buzzer alarms and the LCD analog bar displays the induction intensity.

  • Safety Operation: built-in overload protection fuse, smart anti-burn. Meet the DC/AC 600V CAT III overvoltage standard, and double insulation protection.

  • Smart Touch Screen Control: easy to operate, with large VA color reverse LCD display screen, convenient to check the measured data at a glance.

  • Compact & Accurate: as small as a mobile phone, convenient to use and carry around. Equipped with high performance chip to ensure its accuracy.

  • Silicone Protective Case: protected with a silica gel case, you can use the meter at various condition without worrying it from falling down or scratch by hardware.


  • Color: Black, Red

  • Material: ABS

  • Working Altitude: Maximum 2000m

  • Display: LCD

  • Maximum Display Value: 9999 digits

  • Polarity Indication: Automatic indication, "-" indicates negative

  • Overrange Display: "OL" or "-OL"

  • Sampling Time: About 3 times/second

  • Automatic Shutdown Time: 15 minutes

  • Battery Undervoltage Indicator: Yes

  • Temperature Coefficient: <0.1X accuracy/℃

  • Operating Temperature: 0~40°C

  • Storage Temperature: -10~50℃

  • Power Supply: Built-in 3.7V 600mAh polymer lithium battery

  • Size: As the Pictures

Multimeter Range:

  • AC Current: 999.9mA/10A

  • DC Current: 999.9mA/10A

  • AC Voltage: 600.0mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V

  • DC Voltage: 600.0mV/9.999V/99.99V/999.9V

  • Resistance: 999.9Ω/9.999KΩ/99.99KΩ/999.9KΩ/9.999MΩ/99.99MΩ

  • Capacitance: 9.999nF/999.9nF/9.999uF/99.99uF/999.9uF/9.999mF/99.99mF

  • Temperature: -40~1000℃(-40~1832℉)

  • Frequency: 100Hz/1000Hz

Packing Included:

  • 1 x Multimeter

  • 1 x Pair of Test Lead

  • 1 x Thermocouple

  • 1 x USB Type-C Cable

  • 1 x Manual (English)

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