32 tones Welcome/Doorbell/Alarm/Night Light Host APP Control Wireless Alarm System

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Model Number: WM7
Size: 12x8x6 CM
Zone Number: 1
Display: No
Kit Configuration: Door/Window Sensor
Brand Name: KERUI
Connection Type: Wireless
Output Number: 8
Video Interface: No
Password Keyboard: No
Alarm Type: The Alarm
Alarm Type: Apps Control
Power: DC5V or 3 AAA batteries
Arming Type: APP
Feature 1: Low battery Prompt WIFI Doorbell
Feature 2: With people flow statistics function Doorbell
Feature 3: Andriod /IOS phone APP control doorbell
Feature 4: 32 tones welcome doorbell
Feature 5: Night light WiFi Doorbell
Feature 6: Wireless Alarm Doorbell

Shipping: Free (worldwide)

KERUI Wireless WIFI Alarm System Sensor 32 Music Welcome/Doorbell/Alarm/Night Light Host Query And Statistics Flow APP Control 


Order WM7 Kit send gift :





1. 32 melodies option

2.  Welcome Chime/Doorbell/Alarm/Night Light 4 model function 

3.  WIFI connection ,APP Control 

4.  When Host are triggered by detectors,APP push messages can be received at the same time.

5. You can look through people flow statistics over a month

6. 5 adjustable volume levels (including mute)

7. 8 detectors and 4 remote controls can be added

8. Memory function (when the doorbell receiver power on, the tone stays the same with the one being set last time)

9. Dazzling and colorful indicator light

Note :When you connect WM7 to WIFI ,you need Plug in the power supply


WM7 With  Four mode :Welcome Chime/Burglar Alarm/Night light/Doorbell

In the day,It can be selected Welcome Chime Mode, when customers are coming ,it will welcome customers ,and remind you at the same time. Never miss every customer.At night,It can be selected Burglar Alarm Mode , and protect your property.


Multiple Choice for Multi-storey buildings, multiple shops



Sellers can watch people flow sttatement of Nearly 24 hours, Nearly 3 days,Nearly 1 week,Nearly 2 weeks,and Nearly1 month

Sellers can use APP statistics and make promotion activities to increase store sales


Night Light mode--convinient for you when you get up at night ,and no need to fumble and find switch



Doorbell Mode--Convinient for your visitors ,never miss a visitor.

waterproof button and low power consumption


WM7 connect WIFI and use APP control

From APP you  can select mode ,add remote controls and detectors,adjust volume ,offline you can  adjust manually

Note:connect adapter before you connect wifi . 


APP Control--Scan QR code to download APP





ceiling/door/window/curtain PIR sensor

Imported sensors, infrared processing chip
External adapter: USB adapter 110-220V 
Internal battery: DC 5V or 3*AAA battery
Standby current:≤ 50uA
Alarm current: ≤ 20mA
Detection range: 8-12 meters / 110 degrees
Wireless distance: About 100 meters in open area
Wireless transmitting frequency:  433 MHZ (+ 75 KHZ)
Shell material: ABS plastics

Operating temperature: 80% or (no condensation) 




Kit 1:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1,, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 2:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X2, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 3:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1,F52 Doorbell button X1, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 4:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1,RC532 Remote control X1, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 5:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1,RC532 Remote control X1,D025 Door sensor X1, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 6:WM7 Host X1,D025 Door sensor X2,RC532 Remote control X1, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 7:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X2,RC532 Remote control X2, D025 Door sensor X 3, Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 8:WM7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1,RC532 Remote control X1, D025 Door sensor X 1, P819 Motion detector X1, GS04 Smoke Detector X1,Adapter X1,Alarm sticker X1

Kit 9:M7 Host X1,P817 Motion detector X1, Alarm sticker X1

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